Soically Awkward

Soically Awkward

Friday, December 13, 2013


This was a drawing I did for my boyfriend. It was all made from an AP on my iphone It took a long time to make haha. I made it because he said he wouldn't be able to shoot me if I became a zombie.

I felt oddly inspired.
*Twice I've held you in my arms while you slowly died.
*You told me that in the end it would all be okay, as you took your last breath.
*And like the others, the Virus took you away from me
*But like the others, the Virus brought you back
*And I held on to that hope... on to you...
*(I had you again)
*I knew it was never what you wanted. But I couldn't face this world without you
*I was selfish
*I was disgusting
*But I couldn't live with out you.
*How could I?
*But then came the day that you stopped eating...
*I knew you couldn't starve.
*(You were a blood thirsty Monster after all)
*But yet you still refused the meat I brought you....
*I met those eyes; your blank, haunting orbs
*...You. You were in pain
*(Your Soul)
*But how? Before me was just a creature who should feel nothing.
*And yet...
*(There Truly was nothing left of you...)
*(Even your shell wanted to die)
*It was I, wasn't it?
*I was the monster
*You... You were never meant to stay by my side. Not like this
*How could I have done this?
*My beautiful love, Twice now I've held you in my arms while you've died
*I'll make you beautiful again... I'll return you to those memories
*(For you truly are beautiful)
*Please. Please just know how much I love you
*(My angel)
*After all, it was you who told me that in the end... We would all be okay
*And this time, my love, I'll believe every last word


  1. Wow. You're amazing! You tell a story so well and illustrate it so perfectly, regardless of what it is, and the stories you tell are great on their own merit. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Well that was..depressing. Amazing story though.

  3. Wow, so I found your account through imigur and I have to say the way you tell a story is inspiring. I haven't found one of your posts that I didn't enjoy completely, please continue what you do.

  4. On an iPhone ap?!?! You're amazing!

  5. I come from imgur! I really liked this. :)

  6. Discovered your blog via 9gag, can I just say you're amazing! Love everything and the way you tell your stories, what a talent you have! keep up the good work! xxxx

  7. I was wandering in the web and found one of your works, and with this one i have to say it that i´m your fan now; a god history and an illustration that fit just perfect

  8. Found your blog through 9gag.. Please continue making more..

  9. Boyfriend... another part of me died.