Soically Awkward

Soically Awkward

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Glow-Stick Ghost

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I don’t remember if the glow sticks at the party were the toxic kind or not- but honestly- I never felt sick afterwards so that’s good. That or (already having mercury poisoning) my body just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.

I’d say I broke about 30 of them since my friend Chris (who threw the party) worked at a Party Supply Store and he bought a whole box of them with his discount. And he bought a lot.

For those asking YES THEY DID STAIN ALL MY CLOTHES so don’t do it (even with the nontoxic ones) unless you are prepared to ruin an old T-shirt.

Also, the reason I broke a bunch of them is because after about ten minutes of open air, they lose their glow. So being drunk as shit and sitting next to a box of a seemingly unlimited supply…..

Well you get the point.

Any more questions?